THE SUPERVISED BETTER MOBILITY PROGRAM What if you had the freedom, the flexibility, the mobility to move through your day with absolute ease? You can hit the gym, duck out for a cheeky lunchtime surf, and run after the kids - all without feeling sore and stiff. How good does that sound? Even better – what if we told you we’ve figured out a way to

Probably the most functional movement we teach, you do a heap of squats every day without even meaning to. And if your form isn’t dialled in, it can lead to muscle imbalances and pain. The squat starts off with a hip hinge, and then co-ordinated […]

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Welcome to The Pain-Free Movement Program. I want you to think of this program kind of like your encyclopedia of all things mobility. It is not designed as a start to finish novel (although you can if you want) but more of a choose your […]

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