Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Step one, let’s get you feeling better. Back pain, shoulder pain, foot or hip pain? We’ll sort that out for you quickly.

Now let’s take it one step further. How about we get you moving freely and pain-free?

Dancing. Surfing. Running after the kids. What else will you do with your extra mobility?

A better life, all around.




Try this on for size

You’re pain-free

It’s a big call, but one we’re willing to make. Let’s start by feeling good with dry needling, dynamic cupping massage, active release techniques (ART), IATSM (myofascial scraping), and adjustments.

Your body is strong

Go from feeling a little bit tight after a run, to ducking out for a surf at lunch without a second thought.

Be confident knowing that your body can handle whatever you want to do.

Your body is resilient

Trust in your body isn’t something you have to give up.

You’ll leave us with an increased range of motion, from head to toe.

You feel awesome

Positive body image starts with balance.

When your mind is ready, your body will follow.

You’re smashing goals

You’re in the driver’s seat here. YOU, not your body. If you’ve got fitness goals, we’ll help you reach them.

You’re limitless.

Potential = Unlocked

Now you’re equipped with the knowledge and awareness of your body and how it’s supposed to feel.

You’re ready to flourish.

Dr Glenn Stevens Chiropractor during a patient consult in Brookvale

Hey guys.
It’s time to think outside the box.

There’s more to being a chiropractor than rubbing a sore spot and making you feel better.

Your body and mind are connected. When your mind is ready, your body follows. It’s a balanced, whole-body approach.

Fitness goals = smashed. Body = feeling awesome. Potential = unlocked.

We give you personalised programs so you know what’s happening in your body, how to control it, and how to keep feeling great.

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Get on top of things.

Chiropractor Dr Glenn Stevens Helping Male Client at The Functional Movement Club in Brookvale, Sydney

1:1 Consult

45 minutes with the best chiropractor in Brookvale and the Northern Beaches. Increase your range of motion with hands-on therapy, movement drills, and a plan to stay in control and keep moving towards your lifestyle goals.

Woman running up stairs

Back on Track E-Book

It’s pretty clear this is designed to get you back on track, right?

Pain-free living is what we’re all about. Improve your range of motion and decrease any muscle tightness.

Women surfing at Manly Beach, Sydney

Better Mobility

Online Course

Can’t make it into our Brookvale clinic?

We’ve got you covered with our online course. Mobilize, stretch, activate. It’s time to feel amazing.

Movement transformations.

“I went in with a bad back injury… now I have the confidence and ability to listen to my body, and use the exercises to self-correct before it goes bad again. I still continue to see Glenn though, as he continually helps with my technique to use at the gym to ensure I continue to strengthen my body and avoid further injury.”


Movement transformations.

“If you're in pain or want to move better, GO SEE GLENN! Endless knowledge. You won’t regret it.”


Movement transformations.

“I was recommended by at least 6 people at the gym I go to. Glowing endorsements by older beat up athletes like myself. So I finally decided to see Glenn about my troublesome shoulders which were getting worse. 2 consultations in and I'm already moving considerably better. I've been very impressed with his knowledge and approach. He's most definitely not your typical chiropractor. He has many more strings to his bow.”


Movement transformations.

After seeing Glenn, I’ve been able to work on my body holistically (adjustments, physio work, and exercises) rather than just the adjustment. It’s made a big difference to my body. Thank you!



Get up off your bum and start moving the way you want to. Tight hamstrings are the body’s way of protecting your lower back from future pain or discomfort.

    Man learning to tap his toes for the 5 day challenge by The Functional Movement Club

    Have confidence.
    Your body can handle whatever
    you want it to do.


    Chat to the
    movement mentors.

    Don’t be a stranger. Give us a shout if you have any questions about our team, practice, or your sport and fitness chiropractic needs.

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