Be mindful, be strong, be you.

Age gracefully so your body feels as young as your mind does.

Stay pain-free and roll out of bed ready to tackle the day so you can stay strong, mobile and on top of injuries before they even pop up, so you don’t have to stop doing the things you love.

Simple to follow 10-minute routines to stretch, mobilise, and stabilise your tight or sore areas that have helped 1000’s of people live a pain-free life.

Our 3 step process: of stretch, mobilise, stabilise helps build awareness, integration and robustness without long, complicated routines that require lots of equipment.

Pain-free living allowing you to enjoy life and be a better friend, parent, or partner

How good does that sound?

Time to smash those fitness goals.

Sneak Peek of the Better Mobility Course by The Functional Movement Club

Better Mobility,
better life.

We know that sounds a little cheesy but it’s true – when you loosen up, gain flexibility and relax those tight spots, you’ll feel great. Your body and mind are connected. Let’s help them work together.

We’re your movement mentors.

Feel good from head
to toe.

  • Know what to target

We’ve included a range of motion test for each movement. Find one a little tricky? That’s a great indication on where you need to start – we want to make sure you know what area to work on first. It also gives you a gauge for on-going tests, to see how great your mobility becomes.

  • Choose your pain point

Where would you like to start? We’ve got solutions for all the major tight spots in here – ankles, hips, shoulders, hamstrings, and upper back.

  • Feel long term change

They don’t call us the movement mentors for nothing. The range of motion tests we’ve included in this program have stretches, muscle releases, and activation exercises – we want to make sure you’re making long term changes to your mobility and movement patterns. Get on top of things for good!

  • Kill it in just 10 minutes

It’s all in here, and it’s quick. 10 minutes a day is all you need to work through these exercises. No more creating your own routine based on dodgy internet research!

  • We’ve tested it

These exercises have helped 1000’s of people in clinic – in fact, they’re so good we use them ourselves when we’re feeling a bit stiff.

  • Instant relief

We want you to start feeling good from day 1! You should feel instant relief the first time you run through the exercises. Even better, it turns into long-lasting relief after the first week or 2. If you’ve been feeling tight for longer than a year, give these a go for 4 weeks to really see effect.

Man stretching legs to go running

Your body is limitless.

Your body doesn’t dictate what you can and can’t do – YOU do. Want to hit up the beach, try a new Crossfit class, start a new sport, or pick up your old favourite again?

This is the program for you.

Wake up feeling amazing. Keep using your body, smashing out your fitness goals, no matter your age.
Feel confident knowing your body’s got your back.

What’s in the
Better Mobility

  • Effective 10 min Mobility Routines (smash it out, then go about your day).
  • 13 range of motion tests for key areas – to make sure you know what area to work first, and to see how great your mobility’s getting.
  • Detailed instructional videos for each exercise
  • Routines for all key tight spots: Ankle, hip (internal rotation, external rotation, flexion, and extension), shoulder (abduction, flexion), hamstring, upper back (thoracic extension and rotation).
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Automatic access to upgrades

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Better Mobility Program Online by The Functional Movement Club


I have a lower back injury that has restricted my movements and caused varying amounts of pain over 10 years. When I use these routines my back feels great and I can work and train pain free. Thanks Glenn for all your help!

Craig McCarthy

Meet Glenn

Hey guys! I’m Glenn. These exercises have helped thousands of people in clinic – I’m stoked to pass the feeling of body freedom onto you with this online program.

I’m sport mad – you name it, I’ve played it (even hitting up Aussie Rules for the state!). As the story goes, my love of sport saw me end up in a fair few physiotherapists, chiropractors, and doctors surgeries.

Fast forward a few years, I’m still sport mad, this time as a primary healthcare practitioner myself. I’m fascinated with how the body can move, function, and repair itself. I can still smash out my fitness goals (handstands for the first time at 34!), and I want you to as well, whatever that looks like for you.

This program targets all the major tight spots in the body – so you can take full control and get back to doing the things you love.

Dr. Glenn Stevens, DC.
Founder – The Functional Movement Club

Ready to feel great?

Chiropractor in Brookvale with female client - The Functional Movement Club

Got Questions?

Find the answer here.

How do I access the program?

We’ve made it easy for you.

To get the program:

1. Hit Buy Now.
2. Login.
3. Get full access to all exercises.
4. Pick your tight spot.
5. Schedule 10 mins/day into your diary.
6. Feel great.
7. Repeat.

Will I need fancy equipment?

Nope! This program has been designed to use your body for stretching, alongside a foam roller (or a tennis ball).

Will it hurt?

The exercises are designed to be a bearable discomfort (4/10 intensity) – you should never push into pain.

How long until I feel better?

You should feel better after you finish your first round of exercises. The more you do them, the longer the relief will last. After around 2 weeks (4 if you’ve been feeling tight for a year or more), you’ll notice your new range of motion and ability will last between workouts.

It’s time to make a change


Our Guarantee

We reckon you’ll get instant relief once you start these exercises – how good is that? We stand behind them, 100%. If you purchase the program, do any routine for 7 days straight, and don’t feel any mobility improvement, we’ll refund you the purchase price. It’s that simple.


Medical Disclaimer: The mobility exercises in this program are generalised advice to improve range of motion and decrease muscle tightness. If you experience any tingling, pins and needles, loss of muscle control, or muscle weakness, consult with a qualified medical practitioner before beginning the exercises.

Have confidence.
Your body can handle whatever
you want it to do.


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