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Check out our blogs on the common conditions we see in clinic before you visit a physio in Brookvale. Learn how to Manage at home. Looking to speed up the healing process or get more personalised help? You can visit us in clinic.

Sciatic Nerve Pain? Probably Not, But We Can Still Help

Sciatic Nerve Pain, Probably Not. Sciatic nerve pain is a commonly over diagnosed and poorly treated condition of the back (and leg). Getting the right diagnosis and treatment is key for any type of back pain, whether it’s sciatica or not. Typically, you’ll find that […]

Fix Your Squat: Why Are My Muscles Always So Tight?

Why Are My Muscles Always So Tight? All too often we have people come into clinic and say. ” Why are my muscles are so tight, I’m just not very flexible, I need to stretch more often”. How would you feel if we told you […]

Blood Flow Restriction Training – What You Need To Know

What Is Blood Flow Restriction Training?   Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is brief bouts of exercise with restriction of venous blood flow restriction. The restriction is applied via tourniquet which is applied to either the Upper limb/s or lower limb/s. BFRT is also referred […]

Do You Want Superman Strong Shoulders?

Do You Get Shoulder Pain? Have you have ever performed a bench press, bent-over barbell row, overhead barbell press, or a pull-up? Then odds are you have experienced shoulder pain or tightness at some stage in your life. The shoulder joint is the second leading […]

Find Your Perfect Squat: Why My Squat Is Different To Your Squat

Intro The Squat is probably the most functional movement we teach, you do a heap of squats every day without even meaning to. If your form isn’t dialled in, it can lead to muscle imbalances and pain. To find your perfect squat start off with […]

The Problem With Your Duck Feet

Do You Have Duck Feet?   Take a look down at your feet. Do your feet point straight ahead or do they point out? If your feet point out, this is what is commonly called being duck footed. Depending on how low you have been […]

The Bucket Theory: Why Your Get Back Pain

Into: You may be asking yourself why you’re in pain, “Why did I hurt myself? It was barely anything”. But, if you dig a little deeper, things begin to add up.  Often we have people come in to see us with back pain on the […]

Back Pain From Deadlifts? Stop squeezing your bum at the top.

Back Pain after Deadlifting: So you’ve stopped deadlifting or seriously considering giving it up because that night or the next day your back gets tight and you get band like pain across the tops of the hips. Have You ever been told to squeeze your […]

Hip Flexor Stretch? Stop Stretching, Start Strengthening

Intro Do you feel like you have tight hip flexors no matter how much you stretch them? How frustrating is it when you  stretch them out, they feel good (for a bit), but you wake up the next morning and they feel tight again? Hip […]

Lower Back Pain? Forget Glute Activation, You Need Glute Endurance

Intro It seems like everyone is talking about glute activation and building a “ghetto booty” in the in exercise world to help with lower back pain. Whilst glute activation is important. It’s far more important to have proper glute endurance. Your Glutes are super important […]

Fix Your Squat: Hip Mobility

Is Hip Mobility Holding You Back? In order to get into a good squat position you need hip mobility. For a box squat squat or squat to parallel (Thigh parallel to the ground) you need at least 90* of hip flex. If you want to […]

Breathing and Back Pain: Are You Bracing Properly?

Breathing and Back Pain: Have you ever stopped to think am I breathing properly? Are you a belly breather or a chest breather? Did you know that breathing is the easiest way to engage your core? It will help realign your ribs and hips (allowing […]

How To Treat Tennis Elbow At Home

Tennis Elbow Causes Do you get pain on the outside of your elbow? Are your elbows sore after deadlifts or kettlebell Swings? How do you go opening up jars at home or turning door handles? You may be struggling with a case of Tennis elbow […]

Sore Feet? How Rolling Them Out Could Save Your Life.

Intro: If the eyes are the window to your soul the feet are the window to your brain.  There are 3 things that control our balance (proprioception). The eyes, the brain and the feet. Did you know your feet have up to 200,000 nerve receptors? […]

Movement Patterns: The 6 Fundamentals You Need To Be Training

Intro If you want to be a well-rounded human and Move Better, Feel Better, Be Better. You need to be working the big 6 movement patterns. The reason these are the 6 fundamentals, is that if you can perform these big 6 perfectly, there isn’t […]

Fix Your Squat: Squat Mobility vs Stability

Squat Mobility vs Squat Stability Is your squat feeling funky? Fix your squat by either working on your mobility or stability. If you’re not sure whether it’s a mobility or a stability issue read on. This is the first blog article in a series of […]

How To Deadlift To Cure Back Pain

Intro: The Deadlift is widely considered the king of all exercises. Whether you realise it or not, you are doing hundreds of deadlifts every week. Any time you pick your bub, bend over to grab the dog, or grab a plate from the bottom draw […]

Fix Your Hip Extension, Fix Your Back Pain

Take Back Control Of Your Body. Lower back pain is the leading cause of pain and disability around the world. A whopping 9/10 people experiencing back pain in their life. You would think we should know a little more about why it happens and how […]

The REAL Reason Your Knee Pain Isnt’ Going Away

Intro: Do you have Stubborn pain at the bottom of the knee cap, that just won’t go away? You’ve foam rolled out your quads. You’ve stretched your hip flexors. Or you’ve smashed out some Glute activation drills only for your dreaded knee pain to linger. […]

Stop Wasting Your Time On Foam Roller Exercises

Intro: Foam roller exercises have become such a staple in almost every gym and home of any physically active person. But don’t let them sit around collecting dust. They are typically used for myo-fascial release, before or after a workout. Foam rolling is a simple […]

The Jefferson Curl: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Intro: What if I told you there was a magical cure for ALL lower back pain issues? Let me introduce to you the Jefferson Curl. Sequential spinal flexion with and emphasis on moving each single spinal segment individually until the hands are below foot level. Roll down […]

Why Your Stiff Big Toe is Connected to Your Sore Back.

Intro: Is your Big Toe working as well as it could/should? If you wear rigid shoes such as steel capped boots, or thongs, odds are they/it isn’t. Heavy squats with your feet externally rotated and knee valgus (inwards) collapse through the knee also lead to […]

Tight Hip Flexors: The Root of all Evil?

Tight Hip Flexors and Back Pain Tight hip flexors can seem like they are holding you back in your lifts, but not the way you think. We all have “tight” hip flexors in this day and age. Partly because you spend all day sitting at […]

Let’s Get Flexible: Reaching Your Goals With Mobility And Flexibility Exercises

Let’s Get Flexible: Now is the perfect time to sit down and work on some of your fitness goals that you have been putting off for some time now. When you think about your fitness goals though, does it revolves around: fat loss, strength, and […]

The Cure For Low Back Pain

Low Back Pain Affects Us All: Low back pain is one of the leading causes of pain and discomfort around the world. With an estimated 9/10 people expected to experience low back pain at some stage in their life. But that doesn’t mean that you […]

Am I Overtraining? A Simple Neural Tension Test

Intro: Do you struggle to get out of bed in the morning? Or to get into the gym for an early morning class? It may not be all in the head. The mind may be willing but the body says NO. Have you ever asked […]

Mid Back Pain: The Most Important Exercise You’re Not Doing

Intro When people think of shoulder pain or shoulder mobility the usual suspects pop up. The Rotator cuff, which is made up of: Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres minor Subscapularis. The Muscles at the back of the shoulder (Teres major and the lats) usually get dragged into […]

Squat Mobility: Get Into A Deep Squat

Intro Are you struggle with deep squat mobility? Do you struggle to sit in the bottom of a squat without falling backwards? Does falling forwards when going below parallel in a squat sound familiar?  Maybe you need to work on your squat mobility and movement patterning […]

This Year Build Rituals, Because Resolutions Are So Last Year

Intro So, as we tick over into a new year, don’t get caught in the trap of making the same old resolutions: “This is going to be my best year ever”, “I’m going to exercise more, eat less and just generally be a better person”. […]

Cycling Injuries: 5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Pedal

Intro  Cycling can be taxing on the lower limbs (legs). The prime movers at the back are the hamstrings, gluteals with the calves and taking the lead when out of the saddle. Whilst in the saddle the hip flexors and the quadriceps at the front […]

Feeling Fatigued? Check Your Neurons For a Suprising Solution

Do you ever: wake up tired, even though you’ve gotten your 8 hours? Feel lethargic and run down for no good reason? Struggle to lift a weight or do a class at the gym that you had no problem with a few days ago? Lack […]

Are Tight Hamstrings Causing Your Lower Back Pain?

Intro: Did you know? It is estimated that 80-90% of Australians will experience lower back pain in their lives. Majority being classified as “non specific lower back pain”. This means the pain may be from structures in the spine or from another area of your […]

Stretching Benefits – Stretch Yourself Happy

INTRO: The goal of stretching is to maintain symmetry throughout the body. When you move evenly on both sides you work more efficiently. You are better able to deal with stress and strain. Although there has been conflicting evidence with regards to static stretching before […]

The Problem With Sitting At Your Desk All Day

Intro The Problem with Sitting, many of us spend long periods of time sitting throughout the day. Whether staring at a computer screen, driving a car, watching television or playing video games, it is doing you harm. The Problem with sitting all day includes: rounded […]

The Sit or Standing Desk Question?

“Australian adults now sit for an average of nearly nine hours a day” This is an alarming statistic. Sitting accounts for 9 hours of the average adults day. add in 8 hours or sleeping. That’s 17hrs a day of inactivity. Evidence is mounting that, if you spend too […]

Thoracic Extension May not Be Your Problem?–2_-Us&w=480h=360 Thoracic Flexion is kind of the middle child when we talk about thoracic range of motion. Everyone has done thoracic extension, most people have coupled this with thoracic rotation, but if you’ve given these exercises a go and still get tight through your mid […]

Fix Your Squat: Is Ankle Mobility limiting your Squat?

  Is Ankle Mobility Limiting Your Squat: If you’re unsure why your squat is feeling a little funky check our how to save your squat first. Then, if you find it is ankle mobility limiting your squat. We have a quick fix making use of […]

Save Your Squat with Hip Tension

Save Your Squat The ability to create tension when we are loading a joint will create stability and decrease our chances or injury. Save your squat: a common fault is to turn the knees out so far we place the gluteals at a mechanical disadvantage, […]

Decrease Back Pain, Lift A Personal Best By Creating Trunk Stability

Decrease Back Pain With Trunk Stability: If you fail to create stability in the core, you disconnect your upper body and lower body and end up bleeding energy. Otherwise known as the premature butt wink. Cleaning this up is an easy way to decrease your […]

How to Get Flexible: Test and Retest

Stop Wasting Time On Mobility Have you been trying to get flexible but feel like you’re just going around in circles and never making much progress. If you Aren’t testing mobility/stability drills before and after completion of the exercise, how do you know if you […]

Does Your Knee Buckle in When You Squat? Might Be An Ankle Mobility Issue?

Intro: Do you get pain on the inside of your knee after a workout? Does your knee buckle in when you squat? Or perhaps you feel like when you stretch your calf up the front of your ankle jams up? If you answered yes to […]

Why Static Stretching Doesn’t Work And Why It Never Will

“PERFECT Practice makes perfect” “Practice makes perfect”, I’m sure you’ve heard this famous quote before but most people leave out one very important word, the first, PERFECT. This motto can be applied to all aspects of life but is particularly relevant when you are training […]

How To: Improve Squat Depth

 Hip Mobility In order to get into a deep squat and feel comfortable it requires you to have good hip mobility. Improve your Squat depth with hip mobility and stability to reduce your risk of injury, keep you in the gym more often, and allow […]

Back Pain When Squatting: Do you Even Squat . . . Properly?

Do You Get Back Pain When Squatting? Squatting is one of the fundamental movements in life. Every time you sit in a chair or get out it one, you are squatting. Whenever you get in or out of your car you are squatting. If you […]

Scapula Stability: Because You Can’t Fire Canons Out of a Canoe

Shoulder impingement and rotator cuff disease are just 2 of the pain causing problems that could arise if your scapula (shoulder blade) isn’t doing its job to stabilize the shoulder joint. Scapula stabilization can be a tricky thing to master as it doesn’t connect directly […]

Tight Neck And Shoulder Muscles? Time To Look At The Shoulder Blade

Why You Get Tight Neck and Shoulder Muscles If you find that you stretch, foam roll or do ball release exercises for your tight neck and shoulder muscles, and only get short lasting relief, then it’s time to change up your plan of action. It’s […]

6 Reasons to Call A Chiropractor – Northern Beaches

When To See A Chiropractor Northern Beaches It’s better to be safe than sorry with sporting injuries. Getting on top of any niggling aches or pain will decrease rehabilitation time and get you back into training quicker. It will also help the old hip pocket. […]

Goodbye Ankle Pain, 3 Steps to Stronger Ankles

“To build a temple, you have to lay a solid foundation” Ankle pain is a common complaint our Brookvale chiropractors treat. The Ankle joint literally carries the weight of the world on its shoulders. Decrease ankle pain by restoring proper ankle mobility and building up […]

How to: Hip Mobility Exercises

Why Is Hip Mobility Important? If your hip mobility isn’t awesome, you are unable to draw power from them and you are setting yourself up for pain and injury. Whether you are trying to deadlift a PB (personal best) or Performing AMRAP (as many reps […]

Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades

How To Get Rid Of Upper Back Pain Between Shoulder Blades is one of the most common questions we get in clinic.  Below you’ll find our favourite exercises to help you with your upper back pain between the shoulder blades. Plus instructional videos. But first […]

What’s Mostability? What do I NEED to Know About IT?

The Joint By Joint Approach: If you look at the body and the way the major joints  function we begin to see a pattern. Mike Boyle and Gray Cook (if you aren’t familiar with them I suggest you check our their books, awesome) nailed it […]

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt? Again?

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt? Do you ever wonder why your lower back hurts or get tight all the time? Why we develop arthritis, or, why your knees crack more and more as you get older? It is because when given the choice humans […]

Can Exercise Harm My Baby? How to Stay Fit, Fabulous and Pregnant

Injuries during pregnancy are generally low there are some things to be cautious about. The body undergoes a lot of stress during this time, changes in the body such as ligament laxity, lower back pain, and falls can occur. What happens to the body during […]

You’ll Only Ever Be As Good As Your Warm Up

The Correct warm up can helps us run further, jump higher, and swim for longer. A warm up is an integral part of any physical activity. It helps to prepare the nervous system for physical activity, increases blood flow to muscles, reduces risk of injury […]

Cycling Sports Injuries: Feel a Better Burn in the Saddle.

Intro: Cycling Sports Injuries Whether you are a weekend warrior who goes cycling on the weekend to grab a coffee with a couple of mates. Or looking to take your pedal to the next level. Sport specific training is a must to prevent sports injuries. […]

How To: Exercise For 2 and Feel Awesome

“The American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology recommends 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise per day on most if not all days of the week, unless you have a medical or obstetric complication” Pregnancy is a natural condition, not an illness and should not […]

My 3 Favourite Exercises To Fight Back Pain

Fight Back Pain “Low back pain causes more disability than nearly 300 other conditions worldwide, according to new research, and nearly one in 10 people across the globe suffers from an aching lower back”. In order for your back to function properly. It needs to support […]

Our Favourite Stretches For Back Pain

Intro:  The goal of stretching is to maintain symmetry throughout your body. When you move evenly on both sides your body work more efficiently. You are better able to deal with the stress strain you put it under. Although evidence around static stretching before a […]

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