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strength training for longevity

Strength training for longevity

Did you know that WHO (World Health Organisation) has updated its physical activity recommendations to include 2 days per week of strength training for longevity? That’s on top of 2.5 to 5 hours of moderate levels of physical activity per week. But, what is strength training? And why does it matter? Strength training is anything that elevates your heart rate, increases your core

back pain relief for good

Our 3 step process to back pain relief

YOUR BODY IS YOURS. THE OPTIONS ARE LIMITLESS. Nothing sucks more than having a sore back, going through the rehab process only for it to pop back up when you go back to using it. Your frustrated and looking for back pain relief. It’s not something you want in the back of your head every time you are doing what you love. “I

Chiropractor in Brookvale for Better Ankle Mobility with female patient - The Functional Movement Club

Ankle Mobility: Your Step By Step Guide

Why Is Ankle Mobility So Important? Your ankle is a major source of sensory information that your brain uses to plan and produce movement. In a study of elite athletes, they found that all athletes had an increased sensory awareness compared to non-athletes. Throwing athletes were more aware of the hand and upper body. Running and kicking athletes were more aware of their lower

Chiropractor in Brookvale showing how to prevent surfing injuries

Prevent Surfing Injuries: Surf Longer And Stronger

Surf Pain-Free For Longer. As a surfer myself I know how frustrating it can be to have an injury keeping you out of the water. So, I thought I’d fill you guys in on the kind of injuries surfers can typically experience and share a few tips and exercises to improve your technique and prevent surfing injuries.  Why You Get Sore Surfing. There are two

Stop Arthritis

2 Simple Steps To Stop Arthritis

Arthritis Is A Naturally Occurring Phenomenon. Arthritis is a naturally occurring phenomenon. When your muscles are no longer strong enough to support the joints, your body starts laying down extra bony growth, This extra bony growth is what we refer to as arthritis. To stop arthritis from occurring you simply have to first move well then move often. PSST . . . Heres a

The Functional Movement Pyramid.

Why A Functional Movement Pyramid? When it comes to functional movement (and everything in life really) If you don’t have a system in place you’re really just guessing. The major components of any movement or exercises are flexibility, mobility, strength/Symmetry, adequate work to recovery ratios, and finally the skill capacity. To be able to execute a movement or workout you need all of

Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain? Probably Not, But We Can Still Help

Sciatic Nerve Pain, Probably Not. Sciatic nerve pain is a commonly over diagnosed and poorly treated condition of the back (and leg). Getting the right diagnosis and treatment is key for any type of back pain, whether it’s sciatica or not. Typically, you’ll find that you’ll get some relief initially. But the pain never goes away and can pop up again usually at

Blood Flow Restriction Training for Hypertrophy, strength and cardivascular endurance (VO2 max) in Sydney

Blood Flow Restriction Training – What You Need To Know

What Is Blood Flow Restriction Training?   Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) is brief bouts of exercise with restriction of venous blood flow restriction. The restriction is applied via tourniquet which is applied to either the Upper limb/s or lower limb/s. BFRT is also referred to as: occlusion training, low intensity occlusion training, vascular occlusion training, muscle occlusion training, hypoxic training, or KAATSU. It has

fix shoulder shoulder pain and build superman strong shoulders with your Northern Beaches Chiropractor

Do You Want Superman Strong Shoulders?

Do You Get Shoulder Pain? Have you have ever performed a bench press, bent-over barbell row, overhead barbell press, or a pull-up? Then odds are you have experienced shoulder pain or tightness at some stage in your life. The shoulder joint is the second leading pain of and disability behind low back pain. Fight your shoulder pain and check your shoulder health with these