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Our 3 step process to back pain relief


Nothing sucks more than having a sore back, going through the rehab process only for it to pop back up when you go back to using it. Your frustrated and looking for back pain relief. It’s not something you want in the back of your head every time you are doing what you love. “I hope my back doesn’t flair you again” Wouldn’t you rather feel strong, healthy, vigorous?

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Do you know what you should be feeling when exercising?


This isn’t our first rodeo, we’ve helped so many people get out of pain (and stay out of pain) that we have gotten it down to a fine science, our 3 step process. We start off by showing you what’s going wrong and explain why. Now that you’re aware of it, you can change it. Next up is integration: how you can use your newfound awareness to your advantage, and the final stage robustness, our favorite and probably the most fun stage where you get back to play and are stronger and more resilient than ever. Hello, long-term back relief.

Awareness: the first step to back pain relief


This is probably the most common reason you get a sore back. You lack awareness around whether you are feeling the right muscles work at the right time. You miss the early warning signs of an injury: tightness, fatigue, lack of motivation.

Why is awareness the first step? if you don’t know you have a problem you can’t fix it.

We help to bring awareness to what you do well and what can be improved, we show you what we look for and if you’re a smart cookie (which you are) what things you should be looking for and keeping an eye on. What feels good and what feels bad, How to calm things down and get you back in control of your body. How to feel good again, and make sure you get long-term back pain relief.

Before you can improve the way you move, you need to be aware of good and bad or at least acceptable and unacceptable pain.

This is the start of your learning process and the start you being a better you. You don’t learn anything when you are given a whole sheet of paper with a bunch of random exercises and have no idea why you’re doing them.

Now you have awareness around what you are doing and why you will be able to make a change and get long-lasting relief from your pain. We help you make progress. Awareness leads to progress, and progress turns into happiness.

You’re ready to progress when you can tell when something is good or bad, acceptable or unacceptable. When you are using the right muscles at the right time. That is usually when the pain stops and so does your rehab. But not with The Functional Movement Club we want you to make the long-term change your searching for.



Integration: the secret to back pain relief


Next comes integration: let’s take your newfound awareness and put it into practice. Taking that good feeling and reproducing it as often as possible whilst minimizing the bad feelings.


It’s what sets us apart from the rest. I’m sure you’ve gotten some banded exercises or isolated movements to “feel” what you are meant to feel, but no one takes the time to explain to you, “this is what your glutes shoulder feel like when you squat. They lead you to the water but don’t teach you how to drink from it”.


I think it’s safe to say you’ve tried some form of glute activation or core exercises in the past. You feel them engage or switch on (or whatever you like to call it). But, then you go to move you aren’t able to (or never got told you need to) recreate that same sensation when you move. That is integration and why we get so many positive (and long-lasting) results.

We give you the tools in your tool shed to put out spot fires and help you be mindful, be strong, be you.

Missing this critical step is probably the reason your back pain pops up time and time again. You are missing the next critical step in making real progress. No one has shown or explained this critical step to you. Until now.


You’re ready to progress onto the next stage when you no longer have to think about doing the stuff we talked about in the awareness phase. It just comes naturally.



Robustness: long term back pain releif


Building a robust body is the final step of your process of long-term back pain relief. After awareness and integration, it’s time to build a more robust you. Make sure your body is capable of dealing with anything you throw at it. You can start to push the limits more with increased load, reps, endurance.

The best part about this phase is that you become unbreakable. It’s ok for the form to falter, that’s where growth comes from.

It’s not a bad thing that the last 10% is shakey, but it’s not ok for the first 10% to be. That way it can drive adaption and your brain doesn’t freak out the first time something goes wrong.

A little bit of stress and strain ain’t a bad thing, if you aren’t pushing the limits and stressing your body a little then it will never grow and adapt. The trick is to break it a little and let it recover, not a lot, and have to rest and rehab it. This can be daunting if you don’t have a good history with this, but never fear we will be right by your side, give you the nod of approval, or asking you the right question to help get you the answers you need.


Congratulations you are now free to flourish.

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