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It hits us all. The wrinkles get a little more prominent, the daily jog gets a little bit harder.

We actually think getting older is awesome. The back pain though? Not awesome at all.

What if we said you could treat back pain at home, and only take 10 minutes a day to do it?

Sound good?

Your body is limitless. You don’t have to give up doing what you love.

Inside the Back on Track ebook - 10 minutes to a better back with a foam roller

Enter the
Back On Track EBook.

All bodies age – it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing what you love. Back pain can be controlled and pain-free living is achievable.

It’s all about balance.

Why the eBook WORKS

  • We get specific

This is a detailed plan of attack – you’ll know what to do, and how to do it.

  • We make it easy

10 minutes a day is all you need. No one has time to put together their own back routine based on dodgy internet research, then spend hours making sure you do it right. It’s all in here, and it’s quick.

  • You can do it anywhere

Fancy equipment? Nope. You can treat your back pain at home, or while travelling. All you need is a simple foam roller, or a hard rubber ball (like a tennis ball).

  • We’ve tested it

All backs are different, but fundamentally they’re the same. These exercises have helped 1000’s of people in clinic – in fact, they’re so good we use them ourselves.

  • You get instant relief

Yea, you read that right. You should feel instant relief the first time you run through the exercises. Even better, it turns into long-lasting relief after the first week or 2. If your back has been tight for longer than a year, give these a go for 4 weeks to really see results.

Father and son at Manly Beach in Sydney

It’s time to fix your back, for good.

Imagine waking up feeling great. You can twist, open up with a yoga flow. Maybe head out for a run or a cheeky before-work surf.

Feel confident knowing your back isn’t going to dictate your day – YOU will.

What’s in the Back On Track EBook

  • Scientific research around why your back hurts
  • The back exercise routine that’s saved 1000’s of backs
  • Detailed instructional videos for each exercise
  • How to avoid common mistakes
  • Instructions on where you should feel the exercise, to make sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Ready to feel great, for just $37?

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Back on Track ebook for back pain


I stuffed my back and so have been working through your fix your back eBook. I did the stretches this morning and already feeling a bit better! Thank you!

Clare Wood

Meet Glenn

Hey guys, I’m Glenn and I created this eBook for you because I know it works – I use this exact technique myself.

I love sports; soccer, cricket, Aussie Rules – you name it, I’ve played it. Unfortunately, my love of sport saw me end up in a fair few physiotherapists, chiropractors, and doctors surgeries.

Now I’m a primary healthcare practitioner because I’m amazed at how the body can move, function, and repair itself. It’s truly incredible.

This book targets back pain and has helped thousands of people in clinic – including myself, and my Dad.

Dr. Glenn Stevens, DC.
Founder – The Functional Movement Club

Ready to feel great, for just $37?

Chiropractor in Brookvale with female client - The Functional Movement Club

Got Questions?

Find the answer here.

Will I need fancy Equipment?

Not at all. This has been designed for you to treat back pain at home, using your body for stretching, alongside a foam roller (or a tennis ball).

Will it hurt?

Never. The exercises are designed to be a bearable discomfort (4/10 intensity) – you should never push into pain.

How long until I feel better?

You should feel better after you finish your first round of exercises. The more you do them, the longer the relief will last. After around 2 weeks (4 if you’ve had a bad back for a year or more), you’ll notice the relief will last between workouts.

Do I need a specific app to access?

You’ll get access via a PDF download sent straight to your email, which includes the exclusive video links. Once you’ve purchased it, use on any device.

Ready to feel great, for just $37?


Our Guarantee

We reckon you’ll get instant relief once you start these exercises – how good is that? We stand behind these exercises, 100%. If you purchase the E-book, do the routine for 7 days straight, and don’t feel any improvement with your back, we’ll refund you the purchase price. It’s that simple.


Medical Disclaimer: The mobility exercises in this book are generalised advice to improve range of motion and decrease muscle tightness. If you experience any tingling, pins and needles, loss of muscle control, or muscle weakness, consult with a qualified medical practitioner before beginning the book.

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