12 Week Online Training Program




This is a one off payment. When you checkout, payment will be taken immediately and we can start putting together your personalised training program on Teambuildr

This 12 week training program includes:

  • 1x 12-week personalized training program written by us to address your specific need, or to be done in addition to your supervised exercise sessions.
  • Personalised warm-up and cool-down exercises if required. Please just let us know if this is required when making payment
  • Acces of program is via the Teambuildr App, if you do not have an account already we will email you with all the details needed within 48hrs of payment.

Typically we will write a 3 month program with is broken down into 3x 4 week cycles. Each of the 4 week cycle will either focus on strength, endurance or power. Or, if you’d like we can work on a movement pattern (squat, hip hinge, etc.) then there will be some cardio component at the end which is always different.


I hate doing the same exercises can I have a couple of different programs to alternate through?

We can customize the training program to a compromise of what you like (and what we think you need), as that’s one of the benefits of doing personalised programming.