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This is a monthly subscription. The initial payment can either be made in clinic or paid online (prorated), with monthly debits occurring on the 1st of each subsequent month.

This package includes:

$450 direct debit each month (no minimum commitment, but we recommend at least 3 months to see long-lasting results):

  • 1x 45min Chiro session
  • 12-week personalized training program written by me to address your specific needs.
  • 2x 45min small Group (max 4 people) per week coached by one of our staff.


What if I miss a session? If you give us 24 hours’ notice we can organize a make-up session/s.

Cancellation of performance pack: We know you’ll love it so there is no minimum term. We recommend at least 3 months initially to start to see long term results and allow you to complete a full training cycle. To cancel simply let us know via email at least 48 hours in advance of the payment so that when can stop the direct debits.

How often does the program get updated? Typically I will write a 3 month program with is broken down into 3x 4 week cycles. Each of the 4 week cycle will either focus on strength, endurance or power. Or, if you’d like we can work on a movement pattern (squat, hip hinge, etc.) then there will be some cardio component at the end which is always different.

I hate doing the same exercises can I have a couple of different programs to alternate through? We can customize the training program to a compromise of what you like (and what I think you need), as that’s one of the benefits of doing the personalized training.

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