Save Your Squat with Hip Tension

Save Your Squat

The ability to create tension when we are loading a joint will create stability and decrease our chances or injury. Save your squat: a common fault is to turn the knees out so far we place the gluteals at a mechanical disadvantage, practically switching them off, and making it a quad-dominant exercise.

With the feet turned out with often start to see the feet collapse in and the knees are quick to follow, this will lead to ankle, knee, hip and eventually low back pain (not necessarily in that order). To prevent this added wear and tear on our lower limb joints we need to create tension in our hips which will improve our squat motor pattern out of site.

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Improve Squat depth

Creating Hip Tension

Last week we looked at creating tension in the trunk through diaphragmatic breathing, if you haven’t read it is suggest checking it out here. This week will build upon the trunk tension and begin to stabilise our hips.

  • Begin with feet hip-width apart,
  • Feet externally rotated 0-10*
  • Screw the feet into the ground, as if trying to squeeze the glutes and turn the knees out.
  • From here we are ready to squat.

*when screwing the feet into the ground, make sure out toes do not come off the ground, we should use about 30-40% of our mac effort into screwing our feet out so that we still maintain enough strength to squat.

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