Knee Pain

The REAL Reason Your Knee Pain Isnt’ Going Away


Do you have Stubborn pain at the bottom of the knee cap, that just won’t go away? You’ve foam rolled out your quads. You’ve stretched your hip flexors. Or you’ve smashed out some Glute activation drills only for your dreaded knee pain to linger. Now it’s time to work on the final piece of the puzzle, and fix your knee pain once and for all by looking below the knee.

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Anatomy Of Knee Pain:

The Infrapatellar tendon is a little tendon that connects your knee cap (patella) to the shin bone (tibia). Infra is latin for below, and patella is latin for small plate or dish (knee-cap). The knee cap is the largest sesamoid bone in the body. A sesamoid bone is a bone that develops in a tendon where is passes over an angular structure. Your quadriceps muscle group contorls your patella. Which are a group of muscles made of the Rectus Femoris, Vastus Lateralis, Vastus Intermedialus, Vastus Medialis and the newly found Tensor Vastus Intermedius. But an often forgotten muscle that can affect your Infrapatellar tendon is your Tibialis Anterior. When it gets tight, it can compress the small nerves and arteries that supply your knee. When these structures have pressure placed on them they react by sending pain signals to your brain. 



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The Tibialis Anterior controls inversion and eversion of the foot, which can often be a source of knee pain in Brookvale

Let’s Get Functional:

The Tibialis Anterior originates from the lateral (outside) condyles and proximal lateral shaft of the tibia (shin bone) and attaches to base of the big toe. This origin is right next to the insertion of the Infrapatellar tendon. The Tibialis anterior is responsible for ankle dorsiflexion and foot inversion (rolling foot in). When you have flat feet or have increased foot pronation the Tibialis has to work harder than it needs to. This increased work can lead to tendinosis or tendonitis which is inflammation of the tendon that sits next to your infra patellar tendon. Or even compression of the nerves/arteries of the knee and anterior shin.



How to Fix Knee Pain:

So, releasing the Tibialis Anterior can help alleviate the pain at the bottom of your knee cap, release it by foam rolling it using the video below. Once you have released the muscle you can go back to strengthening the glutes and retrain your gait and work on your squat pattern to ensure it doesn’t come back again in the future.

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