How to get more flexible, test and retest your stretches for back pain

How to Get Flexible: Test and Retest

Stop Wasting Time On Mobility

Have you been trying to get flexible but feel like you’re just going around in circles and never making much progress. If you Aren’t testing mobility/stability drills before and after completion of the exercise, how do you know if you are making progress with your mobility?

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How To Get Flexible

The old “test and retest” is an easy and immediate way to see whether you are making progress with your mobility and can save you hours of time, making sure you are not repeating the same drill over and over again for little to no benefit.

Start Making Progress

An easy way of ensuring you are making progress with your mobility is to check is to find a test that is hard for you to do, or that you’d like to improve. if you can test one side against the other, even better. Check the good side against the bad. If one side is noticeably different (in either feel or mobility) then its time to do some mobility/stability to get both sides pain free or equal in range of motion.

Above is the single-leg balance test, ideally, you should be able to stand on 1 leg with your eyes closed for 30 seconds.

  • If you can’t balance for the 30 seconds on one side, you would bias that side with your balance work.
  • If you struggled to make 30 seconds on both sides, you can work on both sides.
  • after doing some balance exercises, recheck and see if they made an improvement.
  • You should also check in after about 4 weeks to see the longer-term progress you have made. 

In as little as 10 mins per day, massive gains can be made as long as you check your progress regularly and test before and after.

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