Fix Your Squat: Squat Mobility vs Stability

Squat Mobility vs Squat Stability

Is your squat feeling funky? Fix your squat by either working on your mobility or stability. If you’re not sure whether it’s a mobility or a stability issue read on. This is the first blog article in a series of 4 to help you fix your squat. It will help you diagnose what is the main limiting factor in your squat. Weeks 2 and 3 will be working on hip and ankle mobility and the final week will be pulling it all together and working on your stability in a squat.

Mobility, Stability,Flexibility: What’s The Difference?

If you get the feeling your squat is a little funky or painful it can be easily fixed. You either need to work on your mobility or your stability. Range of motion is made up of 2 components: flexibility and stability. Flexibility is how far the joint can move passively. Stability is how much your joint can move under active control. Mobility is made up of your flexibility and your stability. Without stability the brain thinks your body is going to injure itself and limits your range of motion.

Improve Squat depth

Stability: The Forgotten Path

Do you want to improve your performance? Then start working on your stability. An often overlooked part of your range of motion is the stability phase. If you have been mobilising and mobilising but still feel tight and haven’t made any noticeable gains in 4 weeks, you need to work on your stability.

With adequate stability in the joint, the brain will trust the body to work through its full range of motion. It protects the body from injury. In can lengthen and contract muscles without fear of injury. The hamstrings are a common area where this can occur. The lower back is injured and causes the hamstrings to tighten in an effort to protect from further injury.

Fix Your Squat

The same can be seen in all movements especially the squat. If your squat has been giving you trouble, check out this short video if you are unsure as to whether it is a mobility or stability issue holding you back. It runs through hip and ankle mobility tests to see if your issue is related to a mobility issue. Also, stay tuned over the next few weeks to figure out a way to correct both the mobility and stability components of your squat.

To jump in and fix your ankle mobility (click here), your hip mobility(click here), and work on your squat stability. Then we will help you feel comfortable and in control of your squat throughout out the entire movement with targeted stability drills. Then once all your mobility and stability is on track Find your perfect squat set up here, or if you’d like more info on the anatomy of your hip and why my squat looks different to yours. Click here. 

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