Why Have I Hurt My Lower Back? Again? and why you need to see your chiropractor in Brookvale

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt? Again?

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt?

Do you ever wonder why your lower back hurts or get tight all the time? Why do we develop arthritis, or, why do your knees crack more and more as you get older? It is because when given the choice humans and nature, in general, choose the path of least resistance.

Think of a stream of water running down the mountain. The water will flow down the same path as the water in front it does unless it meets some resistance and is forced to create its own path.

Why Does My Lower Back Hurt? Again?

Your bodies function in much the same way, we are born with all the movement we need to get us through life. Every time you stress your bodies (in particular our bones and muscles) you slowly but surely change the way you move. Every time you injure yourself (wake up with a tight/stiff lower back) you change the way your brain communicates with your body.

When you hurt your lower back, the natural instinct is to protect it. You put a little less weight on that side. You might limp, or stop bending forwards or backwards anything that might make it angrier. These little tweaks to help protect your joints are actually changing the way our brain communicates with our body and teaching your body bad habits.

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The Problem With “Protecting” Your Lower Back

To stop you from hurting yourself, the brain tells your lower back to tighten up. Protecting the back is all good and well until you want to use it again and get back to your normal daily activities. The brain keeps going down the path of least resistance. Your back is healed, but your brain still sees it as being injured. The faulty motor pattern (the way our muscles work) keeps flowing down the stream. Your back remains tight unless you train your brain to trust your back again.

This makes you more likely to re-injury, or even worse injury in another area of the body. Particularly those areas that are now picking up the slack of your now sub-optimally functioning back. Your knee starts to become achy or you roll your ankle because you are so worried about fully weight-bearing through that side of your lower back.

Retrain Your Brain To Trust Your Lower Back

Whenever you injure yourself it is always important to re-educate and train your bodies to move in a pain-free state again. This in turn will reduce your chances of re-injury. That is why it is always important to get an injury checked out before it becomes a bigger issue. It will also end up saving you time and money down the track.

Stop going down the path of least resistance and get on top of your back pain with some simple foam rolling techniques, ball releases, stretches and activation drills.

To help ease off an achy lower back, try our toe touch warm-up. It will help to take the stress off your lower back, by relaxing your feet, hamstrings and lower back. 

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